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I love ABC’s hit show Brothers and Sisters. And just when I thought the show couldn’t get better, it did. A couple of cute items from www.yourweddingshoppe.com were featured on the show, aired on Feb 08, 2009 ~ How exciting!

I especially like the very cute and versatile gift set. Perfect for a table centerpiece, hostess gifts, game winner gifts, a simple thank you gift and more….finally an affordable gift that works for just about any women in your life.

Modern and Trendy Gift Set

Diaper Cakes

Almost all personalized baby shower favors come in matching theme:

All items available at www.yourweddingshoppe.com , where $5.95 is all you would ever pay for shipping on these darling baby shower items, regardless of the size of the order.


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Carrying a baby (or two) is tough work. Mommy-to-be deserves to be queen for a day at the baby shower! Crown Mommy with this tiara, with “bling” and sparkle, and most of all, love.

Don’t want to leave grandma out? Crown Grandma with this beautiful tiara!

Click Here for more information.

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Having twins is such a blessing and should be celebrated as such. Here are some ideas for a “Two Peas In A Pod” baby shower for twins.


If you are having 1 big table, consider using the “Two Peas in a Pod” diaper cake. Made with 36 high quality disposable diapers, is wrapped in excellent quality green/pea pod colored fleece and is adorably decorated, with two plush Baby RATTLES top off the cake. Also makes wonderful gift for the new parents. CLICK HERE for more information.

Looking at something bigger and more impressive that cost less? Consider the 14″ Big Plush Baby Rattles. The rattle comes in 4 styles, so if you know the gender of the twins you could even pick the exact match and show them off at the shower. Also makes great gift for mom, big brother or big sister. Use them as Centerpiece and your guests will be hugging and playing with these rattles ~ who could resist such a cute plush, really? I know my whole family love them! These plush could double as game winner prizes. Click Here for more information

If you like the idea of the big plush rattles but would like to opt for a smaller version, consider these “Little Plush Baby Rattles”. They are 5″ tall, just the right size for babies to hold. Also available in 4 different styles. These rattles have receive rave reviews, as Centerpiece, shower favors, game winner prizes, or as cake topper to any do-it-yourself homemade diaper cake! Click Here for more information.


Tell the world about your 2 buns in the oven and set the stage for your twins baby shower with this Two Peas In A Pod cute baby shower invitations and thank you cards! Click Here for more information.

Twins Baby Shower Tableware

For more information, please refer to my previous post – Unique and Adorable Baby Shower Idea – Tableware for Twins

Baby Shower Game

The Pea Pod Surprise Game would be the perfect game for a Two Peas in a Pod Twins shower. As your guests arrive, pin a “sweet pea” pod on each of them. When you are ready to play, have guests look under the green fuzzy peas in their pod. The guest who finds the word WINNER under the peas is the lucky winner! Click Here for more information.

Shower Favors/Game Winner Prizes

Handpainted in garden greens, this Two Peas In A Pod ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers will charm your guests. Each shaker is dainty and detailed and reusable time and again. Click Here for more information.

If you like the salt and pepper shaker, you may also like the Two Peas In a Pod Candles. Available in 2 designs:

Click Here for more information.

Click Here for more information.

The Peas In a Pod Bath Bombs are more popular than ever. Please refer to my previous post – Very Popular (and Cute) Baby Shower Favors – Personalized Pea Pod Bath Bombs

If you prefer favors with a more subtle representation of the Pea Pod theme, you may be interested in these favors that come personalized with your choice of label style, including the “Two Peas in a Pod” theme.

Mini Travel Candle Tins – These scented mini candle tins is one of the best deals you will find anywhere. Comes personalized and fully assembled in an organza bag, all for less than $2 a piece, with $5.95 flat rate shipping when you buy 1 or 100. Click Here for more information.

Bath Salt filled Baby Bottles – nothing says baby better than a baby bottle. Bath salt available in many colors. Click Here for more information.

If you prefer do-it-yourself baby shower, you could work the theme into your favors using the Personalized Labels and Tags. Please refer to my previous post – Personalized, Inexpensive Edible Baby Shower Favor Ideas for more information on the tags and labels.

Gifts for New Parents

Diaper cakes always makes good present for new parents. After all, it’s cute and practical. If you are looking for something different, why not try the Daddy Diaper Duty Kit. Mom and Dad will both enjoy it, and people will be talking about this for a long time! Click Here for more information.

Any new mom will feel special with this Twins Two Peas In A Pod Mommy Corsage. The two “babies” on the corsage are actually the little plush baby rattles. Simply disassemble the corsage after the shower and you’ll have two rattles ready for the twins. Click Here for more information.

Products mentioned are available at www.yourweddingshoppe.com, www.thefavorbella.com, and www.theweddingsbella.com. Whether you incorporate any of these ideas into your baby shower, the most important thing should be to have a great time!

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How appropriate for the baby shower! This little egg is about to hatch! The new mom will love this thoughtful and meaningful favor or shower game winner. The egg-shaped timer twists at the bottom to countdown any interval of time from one minute to 60 minutes, sitting pretty in a charming gift box. CLICK HERE for more information.

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Help the new daddy get ready with the Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device. daddy needs to join in on the fun of changing diapers, don’t you agree? With the tool belt stuffed with all the “power tools” such as face mask, protective safety glasses, and tongs, everything he will need (and more) to handle all the important diapering duty. I’m sure the new mom wouldn’t mind the gift either 😉

Comes with an adorable plush “baby” rattle, you will have a choice of Caucasian or African American “baby”. Also available for Twins and Triplets.

A great gift to get the new daddy involved and excited. People will talk about this for a long time! Click Here for more information.

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I recently received a new batch of baby gift samples for my store and decided to let my boys have a go at them as testers. Here are the clear winners, crowned by my soon-to-be 1 year old and almost 4 year old.

“Little Piggy In A Blanket” Two-Piece Gift Set in Adorable Vintage-Inspired Gift Box

Little Piggie in Blanket Baby Gift Set

My little one LOVES to cuddle, snuggle, even “talk” with the piggy plush, while older son enjoys turning the blanket around, reading the nursery rhyme embroidered along the satin trim of the blanket. The blanket measures 31″ x 40″, and it still fits all 38″ of my older boy.

“Mother Goose” Gift Set w/ Plush Nursery Rhyme Buddies

Mother Goose Gift Set w/ Plush Nursery Rhyme Buddies

"Mother Goose" Gift Set w/ Plush Nursery Rhyme Buddies

As with the little piggy, my little one went for mother goose immediately, grabbing her by the neck (poor mother goose!) while wobbling around the house, giggling whenever his older brother made the “quack quack” sound.

It didn’t take long for my older son to discover the secret compartment on the back of mother goose, and “rescued” (his words) Humpty Dumpty, Little Piggy, and the cow that jumps over the moon, along with the mini story books that came with it. After he got tired reading the books and acting out the nursery rhymes, poor mother goose became his “treasure goose” (again, his words) as he started stuffing some of his prized possessions into her back.

To avoid brotherly conflict, I ran for what used to be my little one’s favorite Big Baby Plush. To my delight, it still is his favorite.

14 Big Baby Rattle

14" Big Baby Rattle - the boy's all time favorite!

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